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From Buenos Aires to Brussels – Tango Nuevo – Iguazú Quintet

dimanche 16 juin 16 h 00 min 17 h 15 min


Marion Borgel violin , Pauline Oreins accordéon 

Wynand Mawet guitar, Nicolas Sanna bass guitar 

Hakim Talbi piano 

Iguazú Quintet

Marion Borgel

Marion Borgel began her musical studies at the Grenoble Conservatory and trained with Jean Lenert in Paris, where she obtained her Superior Violin diploma at the Schola Cantorum in 2010.

She started playing the viola under the guidance of Pierre Lenert, solo violist of the Paris Opera. She then studied at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in Shirly Laub’s class and obtained her Specialized Master’s degree in violin with distinction in 2015, and the following year her Didactic Master’s degree with distinction at the Royal Conservatory of Mons.

Marion Borgel gained orchestral experience early on by performing with various ensembles such as the Scherzando Orchestra, the Montpellier Youth Orchestra, the Schola Chamber Orchestra, the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, the Musiq3 Festival Orchestra, etc.

In June 2016, she became a member of the Fractales ensemble and committed to contemporary creation on violin and viola. An active chamber musician, she is regularly called upon to play violin and viola with various ensembles in Belgium.

Pauline Oreins

Pauline Oreins is a Belgian accordionist, pianist, composer, and creator. She divides her life between Brussels and Geneva, where she draws from a variety of complementary resources.

Passionate about the blend of arts, chamber music, and the artistic and human encounters that result from them, she regularly collaborates with other disciplines such as theater, cinema, dance, circus, or photography.

She began music at the age of 5 and trained at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève (CH), the Royal Conservatory of Mons (Arts2, BE), and the IMEP in Namur (BE), where she obtained a master’s degree in piano, chromatic accordion, and chamber music.

In 2021, she released her first composition album, a multidisciplinary concept, in a duo with violist Carmen Martinez.

She regularly composes for cinema, for the performing arts, and has made two short films (PRELUDES, Ashes on the Cliff).

She is part of the multidisciplinary artistic collective Khaos.corp.

Wynand Mawet

Wynand Mawet is a Belgian guitarist passionate about world music, jazz, and multidisciplinary creation.

He began learning classical guitar at the age of 6, and after studying with Belgian guitarist Adrien Brogna, he started his studies in 2012 with Brazilian master Odair Assad at the Royal Conservatory of Mons, before continuing his journey in classical guitar and chamber music at the Lucas School of Arts in Leuven with Raphaella Smits.

Over the years, he has set up and been involved in numerous projects in gypsy jazz, South American music, and multidisciplinary creation, while continuing his work as a soloist on classical and jazz guitars. He recorded two albums during these years of collaboration, one with Duo Nyzos and the other with Iguazú Quintet.

In parallel to his work as a musician, he ventured into directing, creating clips for various Belgian groups and musicians, and he also created Murmures ASBL with other Belgian artists to provide a framework for support and production for Belgian creation.


Hakim Talbi

Coming from a family of musicians, Hakim Talbi entered the Royal Conservatory of Mons (Arts²) in 2014 in Rosella Clini’s classical piano class and has been self-taught in jazz ever since.

A musician with a varied background, his experience in different musical genres such as classical, jazz, variety, and world music makes him a versatile performer and very active on the Belgian stages with several groups (Tarno Gadjé, Jazzmine, Lowdon Millionaires, etc.)

He has also been an accompanist for two choirs since 2014 and has multiplied opportunities to work with singers.

Hakim Talbi started playing the double bass in 2015 and began performing in various formations, mainly jazz on piano and double bass. He is also passionate about contemporary music and participates in the creation of various pieces by composers from Claude Ledoux’s class. This passion has also led him to compose two pieces for a therapeutic immersive space, among other things.

Nicolas Sanna

Born in 1994 in Baudour, Belgium, Nicolas Sanna developed an interest in music from a young age. He began learning classical guitar at the age of 7 and later started playing the piano, followed by jazz and bass.

He entered the Royal Conservatory of Mons (Arts²) after his secondary studies in 2012. He then began studying classical guitar with the Brazilian master Odair Assad.

An eclectic musician, he simultaneously developed an interest in popular and world music. He joined the Tangela Quartet as a bassist, a group founded by Arnaud Hermand and Vincent Cuignet, and with them won the silver medal at the international “Accordé’Opale” competition in 2017.

Active in both classical music and pop, rock, or within interdisciplinary projects, Nicolas Sanna joined various groups over the years (Moon on Earth, Chinooks, la Suptil’Compagnie, Arthur Meunier, etc.), whether as a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, or singer.





Date :
dimanche 16 juin
Heure :
16 h 00 min 17 h 15 min


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