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« French Touch » – Clarnival Clarinet Quartet

dimanche 18 février 16 h 00 min 17 h 00 min




It is in a program of French music, and mainly dance, that Clarnival will take you on a journey.



French Touch

is a concert ranging from the ball to Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique

Kosma’s gypsy jazz chords

via the tango of Escaich, the traditional Breton dances

and the funk of Connesson, and many others.

Clarnival Clarinet Quartet


For over 10 years, the Clarnival clarinet quartet has taken audiences on a musical journey through various styles and eras with their energy and enthusiasm. Whether dressed in costumes or shorts, performing from tablets or sheet music, indoors or outdoors, Clarnival excels at offering diverse and surprising concerts.

The quartet’s mission is to share their love for music with all audiences. To achieve this, Clarnival collaborates regularly with other artistic disciplines, diversifying their performances and concert approach. They have shared the stage with dance, theater, painting, and cinema.

Clarnival has also created two captivating shows: “Around the World in 80 Notes” and “Movi(e)ng On!” in collaboration with actors and directors.

Having graced the stages of the Antwerp Opera, Théâtre Marni, and the Royal Protestant Chapel, Clarnival has also performed at festivals such as Artonov, Courants d’airs, Wallonia Festivals, Ostbelgienfestival, and Les Musicales du Château de Pionsat (F).

Beyond their musical affinity—whether it’s jazz, folk, classical, or contemporary—each of the four clarinetists contributes to the unique sound and style of this original ensemble. With their own arrangements, their repertoire knows no bounds.

Count on Clarnival’s energy and enthusiasm to create an unforgettable experience filled with discovery, virtuosity, and emotions. 🎶




Roger Boutry – Festival

Guillaume Connesson – Prélude et Funk

Maxime Aulio – Arachnophobie

Claude Debussy – Golliwogg’s cakewalk (extrait des Children’s corner)

Hector Berlioz – Un bal (extrait de la symphonie fantastique)

Joseph Kosma – Clair de lune

Thierry Escaich – Tango virtuoso

Rudy Mathey – Treujenn-Gaol

Gabriel Fauré – Pavane


Date :
dimanche 18 février
Heure :
16 h 00 min 17 h 00 min


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